Review: Love From New York by DKNY

Think of Romance and what comes to mind? Paris, Rome or Barcelona? DKNY have made love global and brought it into the 21st century with their ‘Love From New York’ fragrance. Inspired by couples walking hand in hand through central park and a late night ferry ride across the Hudson – this new scent is as sweet as candy floss in a fair ground.

Infused with Water Lilly, Fresia and Black Current  ‘Love From new York’ certainly seems to capture the essence of falling in love, its spontaneity and the innocence of those first few breaths of romance.

With a sweet smell that lingers for hours – much like a first date – this new fragrance from DKNY is great for a spring fling – but like any date – spectators beware;  the mere power of it, may leave you nauseous.

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