It’s Thursday. It’s nearly the end of the week. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be pretty tired. All the better that this week’s best deals at Keynoir are full-on pampering perfection, then. Say it with us now, relax…

Could you murder a massage? Fancy a facial? Manicure a must-have? Partial to a pedicure? You get the idea – you can have all three (mani/pedi is an either/or, sorry) at the Savana Urban Spa for a mere £59, and if you’re not up to scratch with your pampering prices, let us tell you that for a few hours worth of pure relaxation, that’s bloody cheap. £100 cheaper than it should be, in fact.

And if you’re a fan of food, too, then this’ll get those taste buds ticking, especially if you like Thai. For £75 you and a friend can dine in one of London’s loveliest Michelin starred restaurants – Nahm. You’ll get a nine-course tasting menu worth £150, plus the kudos that comes with eating at the only Thai to have received a Michelin star. Oh, and it’s pretty gorgeous inside, too.

Make sure you’re signed up to Keynoir to enjoy those treats – if you’re not, do so here.

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