Lady Gaga promotes her new album with more spiky cheekbones

We know there’s rarely a day that goes by when we don’t mention Lady Gaga – yet funnily enough we haven’t grown sick of her yet – so today’s topic of discussion from the weird and wacky world of Gaga is those prosthetic enhanced cheekbones she’s become so very fond of!

Last night Gaga took to her Twitter account to post the above picture to promote her Born This Way album – which hits stores May 23rd F.Y.I – and naturally, it featured her signature devil-like facial get-up.

Not the most flattering of looks we must admit, but then again the American songstress has never been one for convention has she?

Her protruding features first made an appearance at this year’s Grammys and look set to remain a constant stage fixture from now on, reports Fashionista – we wonder if we’ll ever grow tired of Gaga’s challenging ways?

Not likely…

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