Love or Hate: Holly Fulton Pony Skin Bag

I have had more than enough of this winter. I really don’t think I am meant to live in cold climates. I only need to go near someone with the sniffles and I get full-on flu symptoms. A personal low point was also a comedy-slide on ice outside a local coffee house while a team of business people sat by the window having their morning latte. Not cool. This is why my eyes were automatically drawn to Holly Fulton’s Pony Skin Bag.

The beige rectangular clutch is part of Fulton’s recent collection, created to transport the wearer to far climates – think Amazonian embellishment, tribal print and exotic skins. With this bag I am Bianca Jaggar on safari with Mick, circa 1972.

The pony skin exterior gives it a super-luxe edge and the front detail is just stunning; natural wood, leopard-print pony skin, faceted crystal and, my embellishment of choice, silver studs. It’s roomy enough to hold all your belongings and has a neat little black wrist strap to boot.

The bag tunes in to all the safari and Aztec prints around at the moment. I’ve seen some All Saints tribal print silk trousers it was made for. However, if it was me, I would let the arm candy do all the taking and wear it with a simple black dress.

Now where did I leave my passport?

Holly Fulton Pony Skin Bag, £470, available at Matches. BUY NOW!

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