Kate Moss passes on style advice to Jamie Hince

It looks as though the ever stylish Kate Moss is passing on her fashionable knowledge to future husband-to-be Jamie Hince, after introducing him to an overseas tailor.

Not one to restrict her wardrobe choices to the UK, Moss suggested a trusted tailor in Thailand to fix up her fiancé with a show stopping suit to boot – and it seems he couldn’t be happier with his new found fashionista friend.

“There’s an amazing tailor in Thailand and I get them copied. The guy’s called Mike the Tailor – he’s a genius! Kate found him,” says Jamie. “She had six pairs of shorts, two suits and a waistcoat made.”

Kate and Jamie are reportedly set to wed this July, and it looks as though the Kills front man is already sizing up his next tailored purchase, reports Vogue UK.

“The next suit I want is pale grey with pinstripes, double-breasted and cropped,” he says. “I love a cropped jacket.”

Don’t we all Jamie.

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