Hilary Alexander’s leaving her role at the Telegraph

Update: Hilary will continue as a columnist for the Telegraph.

A few months ago, just before London Fashion Week, in fact, rumours began to pop up on Twitter suggesting Hilary Alexander may be hanging up her cap at the Telegraph, and though nothing was confirmed at the time, the legendary fashion director has finally confirmed the news today – she is leaving her position.

In a tweet just minutes ago to Stefano Gabbana, where she congratulated him on being cleared of tax evasion (more on that soon), she said: “it’s brilliant news re tax.And guess what?! Lisa Armstrong and Luke taking over from me at the Telegraph from end June! X x”

So, proof from the proverbial horse’s mouth, as it were. The Times‘ Lisa Armstrong and Luke Leitch will take over at the Telegraph when Hilary leaves at the end of June.

Fashion will, of course, be incredibly sad to see Hilary Alexander leave her legendary career behind – but boy, what a career it’s been. She’s the only heavyweight journalist we know that attends every show at every fashion week, and still has time to smile and smoke.

It’s perhaps a few months early to say goodbye, so instead we’ll say this – congratulations, Hilary, on your incredible career. We sure as hell hope it’s not the last we hear of that catching cackle.

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