UK Border Agency raid Topshop headquarters

follow In the early hours of Thursday morning Topshop London headquarters were raided by the UK Border Agency trying to source out suspected illegal immigrants who were supposedly working for the company.

Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia Group offices were bombarded by officers at 6.15pm in the morning, arresting a Bolivian man, an Ecuadorian man, and a Ghanaian woman who were later escorted from the premises.

click Sir Philip is naturally embarrassed about the whole thing – after all our government relies heavily on his advice to develop business policy in the UK – but will see those he employed as cleaners for his company ultimately deported from the country, reports The Mail.

go site In a statement from the UKBA, a spokesman said: “Three people have been arrested during a UK Border Agency operation targeting contract cleaners working illegally in Central London.”

The raid followed suspicions that suggested members of staff in the Berners Street offices may have supplied counterfeit documentation to gain employment, but naturally The Arcadia Group are very concerned of such news.

‘We are very concerned to hear of this alleged occurrence and we are looking into the matter with great urgency. We are unable to comment further until we fully understand the circumstances,’ said an Arcadia spokesman.

source link The illegal immigrants are currently being held in UK Border Agency detention, but it’s highly likely they’ll be deported back to their home countries.

‘Our officers carry out hundreds of operations like this every year around London, and where we find people who are in the UK illegally we will seek to remove them.

go to link However, all employers have a responsibility to carry out the checks before they employ migrant workers,” said UK Border Agency London Area Director, Sharon Flannery.

go to site Whether this was all a genuine mistake or not, it doesn’t look good for Sir Green’s business guru reputation does it?

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