Is Snoop Dogg the godfather to Beckham’s baby girl?

It may have come as a surprise to Victoria Beckham when she learnt she was having a baby girl – what with having three previous boys and all – but it surely couldn’t compare to the shock we experienced after hearing rapper Snoop Dogg may become the little girl’s godfather!

The American rapper is notorious on the music scene – and may be an unlikely candidate for most – but underneath his façade he’s a true family man at heart.

“Alongside my wife, it would be an honour to be godparents/Doggparents,” he says. “That baby’s gonna be fly and I want to teach it lessons in doggy discipline. I’ve told Becks for a while to have another baby and now he’s having a beautiful girl to play with my daughter,” reports Vogue UK.

Snoop has remained a close family friend of the Beckhams for quite some time now, and will undoubtedly teach the new arrival some hip-gangster tricks of the trade – when it comes to fashion that is.

Undoubtedly making one of the coolest doggy-dog godfathers around.

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