Selena Gomez strikes again at the Kids’ Choice Awards

She’s only 18, but Selena Gomez is fast becoming a serious style icon, topping best dressed lists left, right and centre. It seems as though every event she’s attended recently she’s looked sassy and chic, and her appearance at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards over the weekend was no different.

The Disney star’s look was made up of crisp white tailored Christian Cota shorts and a sheer feather print blouse, adding a pop of colour with to-die-for electric blue Camilla Skovgaard sandals and finishing off with a neutral Lauren Merkin clutch and hoop earrings.

Usually a celeb needs to earn their style-setter status over the course of a few seasons but Selena is soaring to the top of our list.

We adore Selena’s fresh outfit but what do you think? Simple chic or just plain dull?
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