Caterina Gatta’s Italian quirk has got us wanting autumn now

After graduating in Science of Fashion and Costume at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italian fashion designer Caterina Gatta has come a long way since her studying days.

In 2008 the 27-year-old designer set up her own Caterina Gatta trademark project and later showed her first stand-alone collection at Soho House in New York in May 2009 – and ever since, she’s pronounced her unique stance on style to the fashion world.

Her love for all things vintage inspired Caterina to create clothes made entirely from recycled designer fabrics – Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Fausto Sarli, Pierre Cardin, Lancetti, Irene Galitzine, Givenchy, Valentino, André Laug, Ungaro, Scherrer and Clara Centinaro to name a few.

Her passion for futurism, traditional textiles, bold colours, unusual fabrics and intricate patterns has lead this young designer to create typically creative Italian clothes people the world over will gladly welcome into their wardrobes – and we’re already compiling our autumn wish-list.

With vibrant, playful prints across Sixties minis, damask patterns on structured full-hip dresses and rich, decadent colour splashes on sheer, fluid floor-length gowns, Gatta’s signature gathering and draping is used to full effect in one of the most diverse collections we’ve seen next season – though we’d happily wear it all now.

If you fancy ultra-cool silk maxi dresses, cashmere brocades, Yves Saint Laurent cut blouses or a Valentino printed fence dress for fall, we suggest checking out Caterina Gatta at

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