Stella McCartney’s husband says state schools aren’t good enough

Fashion designer Stella McCartney’s publisher husband Alasdhair Willis may have caused quite the controversial stir with his recent revelations towards state schools – they’re simply not good enough for their four children.

“The schools aren’t good enough, I don’t think,” says Willis. “I hate to say that because it’s fairly damning. It’s not something I’m hugely proud of.”

The couple’s youngest children – Bailey, four, Beckett, three, and Reiley, born in November 2010, attend private nurseries, while their eldest son Miller, six, attends the same Notting Hill preparatory school as Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer’s children, reports Vogue UK.

But Stella was no stranger to the odd state school in East Sussex herself during her childhood – after her famous father and mother decided they wanted their daughter to have a normal educational upbringing.

“Both Stella and I went to state schools,” Willis added. “Stella’s was a reasonable school, mine was a pretty rough one. And we’ve been on record as saying we’d have loved to put our children in the state school system, but unfortunately, where we are, the schools aren’t good enough.”

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