Vivienne Westwood says men are more insecure than women

With her eponymous fashion label and years of industry experience behind her, it’s no wonder Dame Vivienne Westwood is proud to be a strong, independent woman – hell, we would be to if we looked as fiery at 70.

But if Vivienne happened to be a man, on the other hand, well, she’d be a lot more insecure.

“I think men are much more insecure than women,” says Westwood, according to the Cut. “In history, women had an awful lot more power and influence, from Greek prostitutes to the women who ran the salons right up until the First World War.

“I think that feminists have definitely underestimated the role that women have had historically. I think I would be insecure if I were to be a man; there’s so much pressure on you.”

Are you listening, guys? We’re better than you. Girl power, etc.!

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