Lunchtime buy: Lanvin espadrille wedges

The French have bestowed upon us many amazing things, from haute couture to nautical stripes and, er, snails, but if we’re honest, we’re more excited about their gift of Lanvin and the ultimate spring shoe – the espadrille wedge.

Now most people take their espadrille flat and safe, but this season, our favourite designers are stacking our heels to the next level – and Lanvin’s wedges are no different.

But don’t worry about teetering on this heel whilst striding through the streets just yet – this turquoise wedge is supportive enough to see you through 9-5 and beyond.

Add in an ankle strap for safety, a silky satin fabric and gorgeous sea-inspired colour and you’ll soon have a spring in your step!

Lanvin espadrille wedges, £336.25 £269, available at BUY NOW!

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