Vivienne Westwood says punk “was just a marketing opportunity”

Vivienne Westwood has forever been associated with highlighting the iconic punk movement and Seventies youth culture in fashion – but the Dame of British attire claims it was all just a marketing opportunity.

“It really was alternative at the time to take S&M and pornography and turn it into fashion. You can’t do that anymore,” says Westwood. “But, when I look back, it was only a look, and it was just a marketing opportunity.”

But nevertheless, that marketing opportunity was a very good one – after all, we don’t reckon many designers have created such a flurry of excitement over just one trend since.

And Vivienne doesn’t hold high hopes for the future of young fashion followers, either, because apparently we’re too consumer-obsessed to care about true style.

“Now, I don’t put any faith in youth,” Westwood tells WSJ. “I do to the extent they’re always idealistic, but the last lot of them have been brought up to be heavy consumers.”

But isn’t fashion a consumer industry? We’ll leave you to ponder over that one…

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