Donna Karan thinks John Galliano’s anti-Semitic rants were “blown up out of proportion”

Whilst attending the Riverkeeper gala at Chelsea Piers Wednesday night, designer Donna Karan shared her thoughts on the recent John Galliano anti-Semitic race row – but surprisingly stuck by the shamed ex-Dior director.

She began by saying Galliano’s anti-Semitic remarks were “blown up out of proportion” and continued to say she felt the designer needed help and support at this present time.

“I know John. I’ve met John. He’s a wonderful designer, a brilliant designer, and he probably needs help and support right now,” says Karan. “To be a designer’s a very taskful situation, and sometimes it can push a few limits.”

Donna herself follows the Jewish religion, reports the Cut, but believes two wrongs simply don’t make a right in this case.

“But I also come from a spiritual level where I care for everybody. I don’t believe you win anything by fighting. The only way we can retrieve peace is by love and compassion.”

Is she right to stick by Galliano? We’ll leave you to ponder on that one…

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