Li-Lo’s all-time fashion low?

We love Lindsay Lohan, we really do – but not for the right reasons, you understand.

Despite all her run-ins with the law we have hopes that she’ll once again become the cute redhead who starred in terribly watchable films like Mean Girls and gave us something other than scandals to talk about – and it seems as though our wish may be coming true. 

She was photographed at a press conference in New York City to discuss the making of a new film Gotti: Three Generations that she’s in talks to star in. However, her comeback cannot be complete until she hires a stylist.

Poor Linds’ outfit was nothing short of a disaster. The leather blazer is ill-fitting and bulky, and her shirt definitely requires a bra underneath – a saggy cleavage is at best obscene. And despite wide leg trousers being the hottest shape of the season, the sallow grey shade makes them look dull and dated. 

So come on Linds, get Rachel Zoe on the phone again. But firstly, please take out those ratty yellow extensions and dye your hair red again. In the words of Gretchen Weiners, “that would be so fetch.”
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