Whitney Port doesn’t care if people accept her style

Many celebrities spend copious amounts of time perfecting their style and seeking out the latest fashionable trends to impress their watchful fans and countless followers – but it seems one Whitney Port doesn’t care for such nonsense.

The reality TV star recently claimed she doesn’t care what people think of her experimental fashion sense because she simply loves trying out new things.

“I feel like I’m open to all kinds of silhouettes. As long as it’s flattering on the body it doesn’t matter if it’s really out there,” says Whitney. “I can be a risk taker when it comes to fashion and I don’t really care if people accept my style.”

That seems a huge statement for someone who is constantly under the watchful eye of fashion scrutiny to make, but it seems her wardrobe choices aren’t the only thing under the experimental firing line.

“I’m trying to be very experimental with my hair. I’m over my colour really quickly so I change it every two weeks,” Whitney tells Contact Music. “Recently I got it really blonde but then I thought, ‘I feel so LA’, so now I’ve gone for a strawberry blonde shade instead.”

Yeah, strawberry blonde, how weird. Still, we suppose it’s refreshing to see a celeb steering clear from today’s fashionable norms, don’t you?

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