Cathy Horyn thinks Daphne Guinness is a little nutty

American journalist and iconic critic for The New York Times, Cathy Horyn, has aired her feelings towards her friend Daphne Guinness‘s latest fashion escapade – on May 2nd Daphne will be getting dressed in Barneys New York store window for the Met Museum’s Costume Gala – branding her close companion no less than nutty!

Cathy decided to write how she felt about the up-and-coming performance on her popular blog On The Runway, where she was both supportive and weary at the same time, reports the Cut.

“On May 2, when Daphne Guinness climbs into a window at Barneys New York to prepare for the Costume Institute gala that evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I hope I have my own frock ready so I can go and watch,” Horyn writes.

“Do I think my friend is nutty? Yes, a little. Brave, definitely. And I am far from confident at this stage that anyone can create a performance-art piece with fashion that will mean anything, least of all in a luxury store window on Madison Avenue, and a time when apparel isn’t selling so well. But I’ll go anyway, just to see.”

We suppose it does take a lot of guts to get dressed in front of thousands of pairs of eyes, don’t you?

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