Deal of the day: ASOS velvet turban

We were as surprised as you to see turbans as the headwear to be seen in this summer. Left in the Eighties with shoulder pads, bouffants and big bling, we admit that we approached this trend with caution. However, ASOS’s luxurious velvet piece has let us dip our toes in the style waters, and we admit, we’ve really come round to the idea.

Featuring a diamante, black and gold jewel clasp in the middle, this isn’t a full turban a la Carmen Miranda, but a headband piece with a stylish twist.

Try adding a turban to bring a glam touch to boho basics, unless you want to try full-on Eighties style, in which case we recommend incorporating gold and silver lame or crushed velvet for the very brave. Otherwise, pair with loose hair – this trend works best on those with long locks – and summer’s staple separates.

And if you’re stuck, see Nicole Scherzinger for inspiration.

Luxurious feel velvet turban, £8, available at ASOS. BUY NOW!

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