Love or Hate: Charlotte Olympia python banana bag

I’m a big fan of fruit, in general. Apples, pineapples, grapes… you name it, I’ll eat it. But somewhere along the way, I have to draw the line at wearing a banana as a bag.

At first instance, I couldn’t make my mind up about this Charlotte Olympia python banana baker bag. I like quirky things and love Ms. Olympia’s shoes, but I decided this bag is just too out there even for me.

The barrage of strange looks this yellow bag would attract outweighs it’s eccentricity, I’m afraid. On a plus, I love the long brown strap and the python leather is luscious.

I’m sure Katy Perry, Jessie J or Lady Gaga could rock this bag with aplomb, but they can pretty much get away with anything, can’t they? For me, spending over five hundred pounds on a giant yellow banana bag is a regretful purchase waiting to happen.

Excuse the pun, but you’d have to be bananas…

Charlotte Olympia Python Banana Baker Bag, £545, available at Matches. BUY NOW!

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