Sarah Burton didn’t even tell her own mum she was designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

Designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress will probably remain one of the biggest secrets Sarah Burton has ever had to keep in her entire life – so huge was it, in fact, she was even forbidden from telling her own mother!

“Even my mum called me and asked me, ‘You would tell me, wouldn’t you?’,” said Burton.

The news follows previous revalations that many of the McQueen team themselves didn’t even know the label was designing Kate’s dress, so we reckon they were pretty shocked when Ms Middleton walked down the aisle!

Apart from keeping such a juicy piece of gossip from her own mother, Burton has also revealed she almost quit her job at Alexander McQueen following the designer’s death in February 2010 rather than taking the helm, reports Vogue UK.

“My immediate feeling was: it died,” said Burton. “It died with him, it couldn’t exist without him. To be honest, I’d made up my mind not to do the job.”

We bet she’s pleased she changed her mind.

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