Beauty buy of the week: Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe Sunless Tan

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After years of searching, testing, spraying (and sometimes, unfortunately, trying to exfoliate off) fake tans, we have finally found what we think is the best tan on the market right now.

Whilst many other brands boast that you’ll remain bronzed for at least a week, seasoned self-tanners will tell you after about three days it’s beginning to wear off and, in some cases, looking a little patchy.

But that’s not the case with Xen Tan – it really does last for seven days. With a sweet vanilla scent and lots of skin-loving antioxidants to moisturise your skin as you tan, it has an extra dose of bronze for instant boosting effect.

Like all tinted tans (meaning the lotion is a dark brown colour as opposed to clear or white), apply it with a pair of gloves and work from your feet upwards.

A handy tip? Prior to tanning, put vaseline on your eyebrows and moisturise dry areas like knees, hands and feet to get an even coverage.

Apply it before you go to bed and wash off the next day to reveal a tan that genuinely lasts. Perfect for bikini season.

Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe Self Tan, £29, available at House of Fraser. BUY NOW!

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