Love or Hate: Christian Louboutin Mireille pumps

And the award for the scariest pair of shoes goes to…

Let me start by saying this ‘hate’ could be down to personal preference. I mean, anyone who has the audacity to question Christian Louboutin’s taste in shoes is crazy, right? That doesn’t stop me from really disliking these Mireille Pumps. My reasoning behind this is three-fold.

Firstly, the kitten heel. I have never liked this type of heel as, for me, it just looks like a short, stumpy stiletto cut down in its prime. I also don’t see the point of being wobbly on your feet without having the benefit of decent height. I would take flats over kitten heels any day.

Secondly, the pointed toes. I have a real aversion to pointed toes and am a rounded-toe girl all the way. I find something really harsh and witchy about them and they always seem to make my size seven feet look much bigger than they are.

Thirdly, the red mesh. In general, I love red shoes but only in a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz kind of way. A classic pair of red pumps are classic and charming but red fishnet-style heels I find cheap and nasty.

Mr Louboutin, you are a genius but even that trademark red sole wouldn’t get me into these.

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