Watch: Anna Wintour gives her support to marriage equality

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Anna Wintour is the latest veteran New Yorker to record a video testimonial for the Human Rights Campaign’s ‘New Yorkers for Marriage Equality’, putting forward her belief that no matter what sexuality you are, you have the right to join in holy matrimony with the one you love. Amen to that.

Barbara Bush, Mario Bitali, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sean Avery are just a few others who have participated in the campaign, giving their support to the equality of marriage, but the Vogue US editor-in-chief gives out a strong message to all those listening.

In Anna’s video testimonial she is straight to the point, with short and snappy quotes like: “As far as I’m concerned, having the right to say ‘I Do’ is as fundamental as the right to vote,” reports The Cut, bringing a clear and concise message to the campaign, with a political reference thrown in for good measure.

“As the pre-eminent voice in the global fashion industry and a publishing icon, Anna Wintour represents the best of New York. She knows the difference between a passing fad and an enduring brand,” said Human Rights Campaign Senior New York Strategist, Brian Ellner. “Equality is part of the New York brand.”

We couldn’t agree more -power to the people!

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