Katy Perry takes us back to the 80’s

American pop-star Katy Perry has always leaned more toward the quirky side of fashion, and it seems the princess of all things cool has taken a trip back in fashion disaster time for her latest single cover.

On the cover for her new single, Last Friday Night T.G.I.F, Katy channels the best of the worst retro styles to come from the iconic 80’s era, from blue eyeliner, fluorescent pink earrings, oversized glasses, denim vests, to even crimped perm-like hair, reports Fashionista.

The image has it all rolled into one hair-raisingly cringe-worthy package, with many fashion disasters some of us would rather forget, than relive.

But obviously, Katy is not suggesting her new look should be taken as a trend-setting statement…

Or is she?

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