A woman sues Chanel for getting a $10,000 ring stuck on her finger

We’ve all been there – you walk into a swanky store, try on a gorgeous designer ring, then realise it’s perhaps one size too small, get all hot and flustered while trying to wriggle the expensive rock off your, by now, red and swollen finger. Well, you’re not alone.

When Rosy Mizrachi Gindi entered Chanel’s East 57th Street store in Brooklyn the other day, little did she know she’d end up having a $10,000 bauble stuck to one of her pinkies. She actually ended up in the emergency room later that day for three hours trying to get the thing off.

Luckily, doctors were able to remove the ring, without cutting it free – we bet Chanel drew a sigh of relief!

However, Rosy is now (unbelievably) suing the label for unspecified damages in Brooklyn Supreme Court, reports Racked.

If it were us, we wouldn’t have highlighted this embarrassing ordeal any further!

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