WATCH: Tom Ford talks money, not caring about it and YSL hating him

For someone who doesn’t like the media or speaking to press much, Tom Ford‘s short interview with CNN is candid, insightful and really quite entertaining.

Talking to the US news channel in a very brief interview, the designer explains the his reluctance to start his own label – “everything I do is about pride, I don’t work for money any longer” – his reasons for moving to Europe – “[I thought] I’ll be instantly globally marketable” – and why Yves Saint Laurent hated him: “we started to be very successful and get great press Yves became quite hostile”.

Also, when he’s 85, he might publish handwritten letters from Yves in a book “if anyone cares” (nb: we do) that include stuff like this: “in 13 minutes on the runway you destroyed 40 years of my career.”

Watch the video below…

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