What we imagine Nicki Minaj and Lil Mama’s conversation went like before the MTV Movie Awards

In our minds, when Nicki Minaj and Lil Mama got ready for the MTV Movie Awards last night, we reckon their pre-party phone call went something like this:

Minaj: Hey, Mama! What are you wearing to MTV tonight?

Mama: Hey girl, I’m wearing a wig.

Minaj: Me too! Mine’s a bob with a blunt fringe.

Mama: OMG, me too! Is yours bright blonde?

Minaj: No, I just swapped it to my black one… but I will have my boobs out?

Mama: OMG, me TOO!

Minaj: And then I’m gonna wear some serious eyelashes and sharp jewellery.

Mama: NO WAY! We’re, like, sisters or something. Let’s turn up together!

Minaj: No, that’s not cool. Let’s go separately and pretend we never had this conversation.

Mama: Fine. Beat you to the most poses!

Minaj: Not if I pout my way there first!

What’s up with these two? Looks like Lil Mama’s been finding her hair inspiration from Nicki Minaj’s lately after she wore an identikit ice blonde wig to the MTV Movie Awards last night. Good job Minaj swapped hers for a black version. Incidentally, they both went for the boobs out -spider-lashes-and-statement-jewellery look, too.

Sisters separated and birth?

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