Love or Hate: Lanvin straw and tulle fedora

I’ve always had a big respect for hat wearers, even though I never actually wear one myself. From Jackie Kennedy’s neat little pillboxes to Kate Moss’s trilbies, they’ve always commanded attention.

These days, Lady Gaga won’t be seen without one. For me, on the other hand, I always feel they are a bit too flashy. Perhaps I just haven’t found the right one… yet.

This gorgeous straw and tulle fedora from Lanvin will set you apart from the crowd in a good way. A brass chain and pink tulle ribbon is entwined around the brim and is delicately decorated with the most beautiful cobalt grey ribbon bows.

This posh hat was probably designed with chic holidaying Parisians in mind, but I could easily see it being worn around our cities with a dash of British eccentricity thrown in for good measure.

Straw hats have become a bit of a staple at UK festivals in recent years, too, but there’s now way I’d let this one anywhere near a portaloo…

Lanvin Straw and Tulle Fedora, £310, available at Browns. BUY NOW!

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