Cheryl Cole auctions 20 of her favourite dresses for charity

If you’ve always wanted one of Cheryl Cole-come-Tweedy‘s many designer dresses, you’re in luck – the singer’s auctioning 20 of her most treasured pieces in aid of her namesake charity next week.

Starting next Monday on ASOS Marketplace, Cheryl will sell some of her most iconic outfits – including those worn on the X Factor and for Girls Aloud performances – according to the lowest unique bid (in other words, the lowest price not bid by anyone else will win each piece).

“I’m going to miss all of the outfits I have given because they each have a different story and memory attached to them,” she told Vogue UK.

All money raised from the auction will go directly towards her new charity, The Cheryl Cole Foundation, which she set up in conjunction with The Prince’s Trust in February of this year to help underprivileged young people in the North East of England.

“I know we can make a real difference,” said the singer. “The clothes auction came about because I knew auctioning clothes would make some money for the charity but also I’m lucky enough to own some amazing clothes which I know would be very beneficial to someone else.”

The auction begins next Monday, 13th June, and will run for two weeks on ASOS Marketplace. Get your thinking caps on for that creative bid.

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