Introducing Zalando: your one-stop shop for super hot shoes (and more)

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Looking for a new online joint to get giddy over? What would you say if we told you we’d found the perfect place to while away a few hours? Yup, we thought that’d get your attention.

Zalando is one of Europe’s biggest online retailers for footwear and fashion, stocking some of the world’s largest leading luxury brands.

It’s a shoe shop first and foremost, with a seriously hot selection of this season’s slickest styles – ranging from killer cult Jeffrey Campbell platforms to old school kicks like Clarks shoes – but it boasts the latest collections from big fashion brands, too (try Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Espirit and French Connection).

Nothing new there, you might think – but you’d be wrong. You see, Zalando’s shopping experience is really quite something.

With unlimited free ‘flash’ shipping (that’s won’t-cost-you-a-penny, usually-sent-same-day style delivery), and a 30-day window for you return order’s that aren’t quite right, shopping has never felt more fuss free (or guilt free, for that matter).

Don’t just take our word for it, check it out here – there’s a comprehensive library of cutting-edge shoes to get sifting through, for starters.

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