Karl Lagerfeld liked Janelle Monae the second he met her

American singer, songwriter, dancer, and all-round performer Janelle Monae had the privilege of being photographed alongside iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in a spread in the new issue of W magazine. Lucky girl!

In the spread, Monae and Lagerfeld stand side by side in neatly pressed matching black and white suits, whilst chatting about their friendship and the meaning of fashion in music.

“It’s transcendent. It never goes out of style,” said Monae about her distinct style and sense of fashion, before adding she wants colour to come out in her performance, not in her fashion.

But it seems on set, the pair got on pretty well – even Lagerfeld himself took an instant shining to the eccentric star.

“We liked each other from the first second,” said Lagerfeld. “Not just because of our style, but also the name – Janelle rhymes with Chanel no?”

We’re not sure that’s a good enough reason to like someone, Karl.

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