Love or Hate: Christopher Kane leather playsuit

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Oh Christopher Kane, what are you like? As a longstanding advocate of the designer, I wouldn’t say a bad word about him. I mean, the man is a genius, and I would have done anything for one of his floral embroidered leather jacket a couple of seasons back.

However, I fully understand that, with some of his designs, you either love them or loathe them. I, for one, adore the galaxy print dresses around right now, but I know a few people who think they are just bonkers.

The same can be said for his gorilla print dress. It freaked my friend out when we saw it in Selfridges, but I just loved it.

That is why I think you’re going to really love or really hate this leather playsuit. It has a v-neck shape, held in place by thick leather spaghetti straps, and the back features an exposed silver zip closure.

Fitted at the waist and finishing on the upper-thigh, it’s certainly for the more adventurous out there. In fact, my first thoughts when I saw this playsuit were Lady Gaga.

Wear with fierce wedges and chunky silver jewellery for a punky look that stands out from the crowd. While I can’t see a time when I would be brave enough to wear it, I kinda love it none the less. Mr Kane, I cannot imagine what you’re going to come up with next…

Christopher Kane Leather Playsuit, £1,270 £760, available at Browns. BUY NOW!

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