Alice Temperley never planned on recreating Pippa Middleton’s green dress

It’s always a horrifying experience when you find out that one celebrity dress you’ve been lusting after, was in actual fact, an exclusive one-off. And yes, we’re talking about you Pippa Middleton.

The gorgeous silk green Alice Temperley dress Pippa wore to her sister’s royal wedding reception undoubtedly sent the female nation into a fashion frenzy, with many desperately wanting to cash in on a slice of her enviable style.

After shots of Pip wearing the emerald-green dress were released, Alice was inundated with requests for the dress the next morning, reports The Cut – but made it clear from the start the dress was specifically made for Kate’s younger sister.

“But we’d made it specifically for her and I wasn’t going to start trying to capitalise on that,” said Temperley.

Good for you Alice.

But if you’re still dying for it, there’s always this knockoff!

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