Get your body beach-ready with Slim Fast’s fool-proof plan!

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So summer’s here, and after carefully compiling your sunshine closet, bulking out your beauty bag and making a start on your suitcase essentials, there’s one thing missing – that Bali beach bod.

Oh yeah, a body regime, that thing you were going to start in January as part of your New Year’s resolution and subsequently gave up when you found the box of Roses left over in your cupboard.

Truth is, though summer’s arrived, we’ve been waiting so long that we convinced ourselves we still had time to get into shape, and now we’ve got a problem: you’re going away in less than a month and you haven’t toned and trimmed one bit. Well, girls? Good news – there’s still time to get in shape for that sunlounger, and it doesn’t involve tummy-turning stomach crunches and living off lettuce leaves.

The Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan is an easy way to lose weight fast – who has time to slim slowly? – with its clinically proven, super simple three-step strategy. It’s as easy as:




  • 3 – Snacks


    Choose three nourishing snacks a day from SlimFast snack bars, nuts, fruits and veg.





  • 2 – Shakes


    Choose two Slim-Fast shakes or meal bars a day.



  • 1 – Balanced meal

    Enjoy one 500-calorie balanced meal each day. Easy, right? You’ll be on your way to beach babe in no time!

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