No one likes a bragger, but with us for a second… because WE WON our category in Handbag’s Online Fashion Awards!

We beat incredibly cool competition (the likes of Nowness, Fashion 156 and Rubbish Magazine) to be voted the Best Independent Magazine Site of 2011, and we couldn’t be more excited right now.

Without sounding like we’re accepting an Oscar – though we sort of feel like we are – we’d like to extend our guileless gratitude to you guys, our lovely, loyal readers, for voting for us. We appreciate every single one of you who took the time to give us your seal of approval, and we’re pretty humbled that so many of you did.

So it’s with teary eyes and a lump in our throat that we say a huge thank you for continuing to support us in our strive to be a ruddy good read every morning.

Now excuse us, we’re off to crack open the champers!

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees in this year’s awards, it’s been a pleasure standing alongside you!

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