Love or Hate: Balenciaga dog sweater

While I don’t own a pet, if I had to choose between being a dog person or a cat person, I’d be on team canine all the way. But, though I may favour a pooch, I’d never want to wear a picture of one on my sweater.

You know those fleeces people wear with dogs all over them? They’re my worst nightmare. That’s why I’m not overly enthralled about this Balenciaga dog sweater.

I realise that it could be worn in an ironic geek-chic way, but I’m not that type of dresser and it would kind of look like I just really love dogs. It features a round neck, long sleeves and a massive face of an Alsatian. Never thought I would write that about something Balenciaga.

If you were to wear this sweater, I’d recommend teaming it with preppy jeans, brogues and a nice pair of geeky black-rimmed spectacles. Add a cheeky sarcastic smile and you might just pull it off…

Balenciaga Dog Sweater, £525, available at Matches. BUY NOW!

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