Burberry and Louis Vuitton win £1.5 million in counterfeit compensation

Luxury labels Louis Vuitton and Burberry had been soughting after Canadian counterfeiters in an undercover operation for the past two years, but ultimately won £1.5 million in restitution for trademark infringement from a Federal Court over the weekend.

The Canadian based Singga Enterprises Inc., Carnation Fashion Co., and Altec Productions were found guilty of producing counterfeit goods, after a two year long undercover operation headed by private investigators working on behalf of the labels discovered the unjust truth.

The undercover agents unearthed the unforgivable scam being carried out by the companies in question, and found out all three of them were secretly manufacturing, selling, and distributing knockoff handbags bearing fake Louis Vuitton and Burberry logos, reports FashionablyJust.

We’re just glad justice has been served.

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