Lusting after life-long pearls

Shirley Bassey may have sung that diamonds are forever, but if you ask us, pearls are perpetually pleasing.

As classic as Coco’s boucle – and a great partner for it, at that – pearls are a perennial favourite among high-flying fashionistas and aficionados alike, not least for their luxe allure.

Perhaps it’s because they’re buried in an oyster or hidden by some form of buried treasure at the bottom of the sea bed, but a pearl’s appeal is as vast as it is varied – a wear-forever white freshwater find, a striking special occasion peacock pearl, or the perfect pretty pink pick-me-up.

But though you may think of the timeless twinset as a pearl’s defining decadence, these deep sea treasures come more contemporary than pearl necklaces, and we don’t mean the messy kind.

From pearl earrings to Tahitian pearls, pearl jewellery is as cool as it is classic, combined with silver chains, droplet strands and angular shapes.

And, if you’re looking for a place to find them, may we suggest you take a peek at pearl specialist Winterson. With a successful family history and expertise of working with pearls for over 50 years, Winterson’s expertise lies in luxury classic and contemporary pearl jewellery spanning a mass of unique colours and styles.

And it’s not often you’ll find such diversity or delicacy in one place that’s ethical to boot, too.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but re reckon pearls might just be your life partner.

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