RTW Wanderer: Stretch jersey blazer

Now, don’t get us wrong we love a blazer, we love the way that it instantly adds structure and edge to any outfit, and we know that a good blazer can completely transform a look, but we are just not sure about this one. 

We like a blazer because its smart and sharp, and we like it even more when it looks like you have borrowed  your boyfriends.

We understand the sport luxe trend which is what we think is trying to be achieved here.. It’s just this really doesn’t fit right with us.  Dare we say it but we reckon the material looks a bit cheap, and that belt looks like it was an afterthought. It retails at £278 and we think you can spend your money elsewhere and get something a whole lot nicer.

Weekend By Maxmara Stretch Jersey Blazer
, £278, available at Matches

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