Babes at the Museum website uncovers hidden beauties

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A new website, Babes at the Museum, has been set up to capture hot young things who just so happen to be wandering around some of the world’s most amazing museums – and it’s not just girls this site is interested in, hot guys are on the menu, too.

Babes At The Museum is a simple idea that was born out of the realisation that museum-goers tend to be attractive with a subtle hint of style, that typically goes unnoticed amidst the main event of the exhibited art.

Bars, clubs, and coveted fashion events are normally the place to go to find young attractive individuals, with the intention of being papped for their effortlessly sense of style. So naturally, museums aren’t commonly known as a babe hotspot.

Until now.

The website is still in its early stages, but with plans to publish a book by autumn next year, the only way is up for this ingenious little online portal.

The majority of the site’s photos are taken in NYC, but lately, founder Xavier has been receiving random submissions from museums in Paris, Stockholm, Venice, and even London.

To get in on the action, simply visit the website here.

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