Rachel Zoe’s four-month-old son gifted with a personalised LV bag. Jealous much?

As shocking as the headline of this story may be, we’re afraid to say it’s completely true. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe‘s four-month-old son, Skyler, has, in fact, just been given a personalised Louis Vuitton bag.

We’re slightly jealous right now.

Rachel is known for her love of all things fashion, and it seems she’s keen to pass down her passion onto her son – even if he is too young to realise the lavish significance of an LV handbag.

The top handle Speedy bag even comes complete with his initials S.M.B, for Skyler Morrison Berman, reports FemaleFirst – we’re growing even more envious by the minute.

But is Skyler too young to be receiving designer handbags? Let us know what you think below.

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