Valentino Shift Dress with Pyramid Studs: Cute & Classic

Sometimes less is certainly more, simple and understated can make just as much a powerful statement as the bold and bright. 

Don’t you think sometimes it’s the little details in life that can make your day?  Such as, your favourite song being played on the radio, or the cute guy on the tube flashing you a smile. Well this is what for us this dress is all about.

The ever so cute scalloped detail of this dress is the equivalent of the ice cream man giving us an extra scoop, it won’t really make an impact on others but for us it makes our day. It’s the little details that count with this dress and what makes it special and ever so enjoyable to wear.  

This dress is one of life’s little and not so obvious pleasures – but a pleasure none the less.  

Valentino Shift Dress
, £1380.00 available at

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