Why didn’t the Queen make the Vanity Fair 2011 International Best Dressed list eh?

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Once again we have an inventory placing who’s-who in the land of the style-privileged on a pedestal for their wardrobe choices. Vanity Fair released a preview of the 72nd International Best Dressed list yesterday, and we’re loyally championing our stylish British ambassadors!

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, naturally made it onto the list after wooing fashion critics so far this year with her strategic outfit recycling and a fervent appreciation for the high street – not to mention the mammoth praise she received for her choice of wedding dress designer.  She first appeared on the list in 2008, but this is her debut entry as a royal.

She’s got fashion conscious women fascinated and makes us envious when parading those never-ending pins in yet another Reiss dress. But one thing does strike me slightly: although she’s been hovering in the royal limelight for some time prior to her wedding to Wills, her meteoric rise to ‘style icon’ figure (a term often loosely used) has been rapid – 4 months to be precise – and makes me ask the question: is she really a seasoned style veteran, yet?

Others Brits appearing on the list included the notably beautiful and sartorially sound Tilda Swinton, alongside An Education star, Carey Mulligan, both making their second appearance on the style roll call. Veering towards the stars and stripes, I have to declare my admiration for Janelle Monáe – another style maven who made it into the Fashion Originals category alongside Gaga– and her androgynous obsession, listing the tuxedo as her favoured fashion form.

Flying the flag high for Britain, Oscar winner Colin Firth and Formula 1 superstar Jenson Button – both dapper suit enthusiasts – clocked up recognition in the Men’s International Best Dressed category.

There is, however, a certain individual I was desperate to see on the list; the woman responsible for the revival of lady-like handbags and for influencing her granddaughter’s choice of wedding dress – The Queen. Now she is definitely worthy of the ‘style icon’ tag!

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