Handbag Hunter: Sara Berman’s Tel Aviv Studded Base Leather Satchel

I personally think that this bag was made for me. Now, you may disagree (considering I reckon you’ve probably fallen for it too), but I won’t be changing my mind about this anytime soon. Sara Berman’s Tel Aviv Studded Base Leather Satchel IS the perfect day satchel for any girl: whether you’re that city-girl with the paperwork and countless tube maps, that country girl with the tweed or that surf girl with the windswept hair. This satchel’s just got the perfect amount of slouch for that ultimate cool-girl look for any-look.

There’s just something distinctly beautiful and effortless about its mismatched leather shoulder strap and luscious leather body. It’s a naturally versatile bag which would work throughout the seasons – think of it as a necessity, a bag that would work both with that winter statement coat and tan leather boots, AND that casual, lopsided Breton tee and denim cut-offs. Good grief, it would work with anything, ANYTHING.

There always comes a difficult time, minutes after you spot and fall in love with the perfect bag: the time when you establish its retail price. Sometimes this can be a moment of pure elation, but more often than not, its, well, not. I sometimes think I’ve developed an unexplainable knack of being drawn to the most expensive bag on the shelf – something that doesn’t stand my bank balance in good stead for the future. £354 available at my-wardrobe

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