Lady Gaga ditches top designers for Birmingham fashion student

Being the Lady who plays dress up every day must be tough. Lady Gaga’s eccentric dress sense is the equivalent of a two-fingered insult in the face of political correctness and a modest wardrobe. But the fashion oddball stunned fashion critics last week when she was spotted in L.A. in what appeared to be a ‘normal’ dress (cue: meat-free and actually decent).

Gaga looked surprisingly pared down as she stepped out in a fall 2011 Versace dress, even keeping the accessories inoffensive: oversized black shades, gold cuff, Louboutin Daffodil heels and a black clutch. Looking eerily like the creative director of the label she was wearing – Donatella Versace – minus the carroty glow; the toned down Gaga, as opposed to her otherworldly form is probably telling us something: maybe she wasn’t really born that way.

Although a best-selling artist, fashion is, in a strange way, Lady Gaga’s forte. Without the unearthly creations she is synonymous with, Lady Gaga’s rise to fame may have been a slightly slower affair. Walking the catwalk for stylist, Thierry Mugler creative director and long-term, friend, Nicola Formichetti, she later bought his entire fall 2011 collection – in every colour.

With every top designer at her beck and call, Gaga chose to showcase the wares of a designer not so close to home on a recent trip to Singapore to promote her album, Born This Way.

Resembling an extraterrestrial Audrey Hepburn, Gaga sported a nude coloured rubber dress by Birmingham fashion student Rebecca Short, complete with a shocking green beehive, double-rimmed glasses and white gloves. The look – typically dripping with Gaga antics – means a world of exposure for the 22-year-old aspiring fashion designer and appears to be a heartfelt gesture from Lady Gaga to support and nurture emerging fashion talent.

Previously, Gaga requested the wares of 18-yeard-old Hull-born, London-based fashion designer Rhiannon Jones (Creative Director, Bolshie) to be shipped over to L.A, after falling in love with the young designer’s bold pieces during a trip to London.

Her wild outfits and nonsensical lyrics will ensure our Bad Romance with Mother Monster never fades out.

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