Naomi Campbell set to star in a one-off documentary

Ever wondered what the myth behind the world’s most revered super model was? Lucky you, you’re about to find out in a one-off documentary as Naomi Campbell becomes the subject of a CNBC Meets special.

The super is set to appear in a 30-minute mini documentary about her life, where the news channel will explore her personal background, her career in fashion and her charitable efforts in a behind-the-scenes style profile, airing this Wednesday, 28th September.

CNBC cameras followed the supermodel to Streatham, her childhood home in South London, to film the special episode and traced Naomi’s relationships with mentors including Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela, reports Elle UK, as well as taking an in-depth look at her struggle to make a name for herself as a black model in the Nineties.

We’ll be setting our Sky + to record – will you?

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