Lady Gaga goes all Audrey Hepburn at iHeartRadio

Look! Lady Gaga looks like a lady!

It’s not that she generally looks like a man, of course – save for when she turns into Joe Calzone – but let’s be frank, it’s rare that Lady Gaga ever looks presentable and polished.

Still, here she is, playing the part of preened and pampered pomp in a form-fitting all-black two piece with a bow at the waist and exaggerated hips. She’s finished her Audrey Hepburn impression with a statement diamond necklace, oversized round-edged sunglasses, leather elbow gloves and suede platform pumps to complete her slightly saucy take on a classic Sixties style.

It’s a very different look for the singer, who’s more accustomed to little more than knickers and 12-inch platform boots, but it’s just another role in her book of characters, one assumes.

Question is, what do you think of her look? Do you like her lady-like ensemble, or did you prefer her avant garde get-ups?

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