Tried and tested: Simone Pérèle Aura invisible control briefs

It’s back to the trusty control wear I go as soon as I begin to feel, well, out of control. This time, I treated my tummy to some Parisian T.L.C. when I decided to spend the day in Simone Pérèle Aura invisible control briefs.

I started the day dreaming of a Halle Berry-esque flat tummy, as I removed my flab saviour from the candy pink tissue wrapping it arrived in. Sampling the Aura invisible control briefs in white, their microfibre material and lightweight feel proved an instant scorer with me when it came to comfort points.

Embellished with a touch of satin and a Swarovski butterfly, and looking rather pretty considering the granny-like connotations slimming undergarments are usually associated with, I wasn’t entirely convinced by their slimming potential.

The lightweight material almost made the briefs feel too soft against my tummy and seemed to be missing the ‘constricting’ factor. That sucked-in feeling I’m usually promised by miracle briefs wasn’t delivered and, after a day of parading around in them, the Berry-esque tummy I had desired was definitely missing.

It was much like wearing normal underwear, and above all, the briefs don’t envelope the tummy, instead sitting on the naval line causing that slightly uncomfortable overspill of stomach flab I unashamedly sport – and one so ridiculously evident in a body con dress.

Sadly, the Simone Pérèle Aura invisible control briefs bought a sense of uncontrollability, and after initially opting for a snugly fitted top, I decided to swap this daring wardrobe choice for my trusty billowy Topshop blouse I have relied on in several tightly squeezed situations before.

Simone Pérèle Aura Invisible Control Briefs, £40.95, available at Simone Pérèle.

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