Lady Gaga sues cosmetics company for trading in her name

Granted, Excite Worldwide isn’t the most exciting company name (ironically), but deciding to trade under ‘Lady Gaga By Design’ is an altogether stupid idea.

Still, that’s what one company selling a cosmetics and jewellery line in the US has decided to do, much to the surprise of well, everyone, including Lady Gaga.

Since Excite Worldwide made the more ridiculous decision to try and patent that trading name – without success – the case has caught the attention of Lady Gaga herself, who is now suing them for using her name without consent.

The suit she’s filed against them states “confusion” in the marketplace with a complaint that Lady Gaga’s application for her own jewellery and fragrances has been delayed as a result of Excite’s illegal trading. She also demands a court order banning Excite from filing Gaga-related applications as well as unspecified money damages.

[NY Post]

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